Web Design and Development

  • Inigo Response Website

    Joomla CMS Responsive Website.   Full design and build of a responsive Joomla content managed web site, leveraging google maps connectivity for interactive case studies. Clean and simple styling and language developed with the client to help convey the key message of the complex subject matter.

  • Amcan Website

    Joomla CMS Responsive Website in 3 Languages.   The design and build of a fully responsive website with the Joomla content management system for desktop and mobile, with categorised content, language switcher, slideshows, custom searchable interactive menus and site-wide search. 

  • Qmuli Website

    Bootstrap c# CMS website.   The design and build of a fully responsive bespoke website with a .net CMS for Qmuli Advertising production systems. Using bootstrap, jQuery and better CMS with a c# .net CMS system. A unique content management system for desktop and mobile, integrating with a C# user management system and other bespoke features that would not be possible using other methods, retaining the advanced functionality and features of the site.  

  • Established Models website

    Established Models bespoke Wordpress template. A high end London model agency website with bespoke functionality and templating. Model management site with full back end for uploading models and their statistics and imagery, creating bespoke slideshows and online model applications. We built and integrated a custom template with clarity and ease of use in mind. We developed a system that kept the content and style under control and made it easy to add models and organise them within a simple, organised interface.  

  • Pearlfisher website

    Pearlfisher, Bespoke template for WordPress.  A London design agency website and online shop. Able to cater for new categories and sections, animated slideshows, video, audio, webcasts and much more. Specifically built to enable staff to build the site sections and content. We built and integrated a custom template with control of content and ease of use in mind. Using the Wordpress framework we were able to build a system that kept the style under control and made it simple to add content. Using custom fields and custom post types made it easy for the user to build rich content in a way that is akin to filling out a form, the content is then displayed in a pre-determined style so that the site and identity cannot drift over time.

  • Austens BBQ website

    Austens BBQ, Wordpress CMS responsive website.  A responsive content managed web site for a London restaurant. Design and development of a Wordpress site with rich media content. With the integration of the Open Table online booking system and social Feeds. The client is able to add and edit content easily.   

  • Asos Facebook applications

    Interactive games for Facebook.  Bespoke programming of interactive competitions. Designed to work with Facebook and gather user data in order to increase sales and brand awareness.  The applications were built to be geographically aware and able to switch languages depending on the Facebook users preferred language. Facebook sign up was integrated and data was collected and stored externally for use with marketing and further campaigns. The application was developed to be multi-platform compatible and was able to adapt to the constraints of a given platform by detecting it and switching functionality accordingly.  

  • Dempsey Corporation website

    Content managed website with bespoke functionality.  A dual language content managed website with bespoke templating that allows for multiple templates for company divisions. System for adding products and suppliers, users, groups, template and language switching, rich media management and display. We built and integrated custom templates with clarity and ease of use in mind. With easy to configure templates for departments and languages we were able to keep all their sites under one domain. We developed a system that kept the content and style under control and made it easy to add products, suppliers and other information.  

  • Purina marketing store

    Asset management store.  Tailored asset management system and resource management website, invited users are able to add their marketing assets to a basket system allowing them to gather assets in one simple centralised location. http://www.darlingmarketingsite.com  

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